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It is the light in the dark. A dab of colour — soft and subdued. It is fiery like autumn. Cool like winter. It is a screen on which stories are told. The face of a woman is in motion. Constantly changing. It can be beautiful and daring. Elegant and sometimes audacious. It is our mission and our joy to use the new La Biosthetique Autumn-Winter Collection 2017/18 to emphasise all its facets and all its possibilities!

Perfectly Formed Curls

To loosen up and shape the hair structure. Once this is done, you can use the diffuser to gently dry the hair. Then divide the hair into individual sections with the fingers, twist the individual strands on to medium-sized curling irons. Fasten the individual sections with a hair clip.
This allows them to cool without losing their shape. Once all strands are curled, remove the clips and loosen up the individual strands with your fingers. Finally, define the waves with CURL DEFINING CREAM to create a natural look.

To Hold Your Wave

Go to salon regularly for the Protection Cheveux Complexe treatment to ensure an exquisite shine, powerful elasticity and smooth body of the hair.
* Protection Cheveux Complexe Treatment is available at La Biosthetique Coiffure Beatue.

A Shiny Bob

For a perfectly formed bob wash hair with DRY HAIR SHAMPOO, then evenly distribute THICKENING CREAM into towel-dried hair. To dry the hair, use the universal round brush Ceramic Brush. This not only stores the heat and shortens the blow-drying time, but also provides silky, shiny volume. Ideally, you should first dry the fringe and then the rest of the hair. Always work from the bottom to the top. Once the hair is completely dry, you can use the straightening irons. But only smoothen the lengths and tips. This is the only way to keep the natural volume at the roots.