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Curl Activator

  • SKU: 120533
  • Content: 200ml
  • Range: Curly
  • Availability: In Stock

Curl Activator encourages and supports the bounce of curly and wavy hair and results in noticeably more hold.

Curls that lack bounce? Curl Activator restores movement to tired curls. It activates the elastic bounce of the curls and bunches them into dynamic, expressive structures.

The secret of the curl booster: a particularly elastic, activating Bounce Back Polymer combined with new kinds of ultra-light resins creates stable hydrogen bonds inside the hair keratin. This means: every single curl is given maximum strength. After they are stretched, the curls spring perfectly back into shape. In addition, Curl Activator provides a high level of weightless moisture and binds it inside the hair structure. Frizzy hair structures are bunched into beautifully defined, shiny curls and given movable hold.

The perfect personal trainer for every curlyhead. Rapidly restores perfect shape to limp curls and gives them new, springy vitality and bounce with flexible hold!

• Bounce Back Polymer: moisturising and moisture-binding, increases bounce
• Magnesium salts: Strengthening and improvement of the shape of the curls
• Modified wheat peptides: strengthen the hair from within and improve the structure
• The Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF): provides deep protection from dehydration
• A selected UV filter: protects against aggressive UV radiation, protects the colour
After washing, spray Curl Activator into damp hair. Ideal for finger styling, air-drying or diffuser-drying.

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