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Pilviplax P

  • SKU: 110646
  • Content: 250ml
  • Range: Styling
  • Availability: In Stock

Pilviplax P is the ideal strengthening styling product for classic blow-dried styles or for putting the hair in curlers, the conditioning and strengthening styling product is the ideal base for all up-dos.

This professional strengthening styling product guarantees the result of all home styles. Whether classically blow-dried or in curlers, Pilviplax P gives the style lasting hold. Glamour looks, up-dos or going-out hairstyles that are rapidly created with curlers, Pilviplax P can create all of these.

With its effective active ingredient formulation, it surrounds every single hair like an invisible film and forms a perfect combination of gentle care and flexible but strong hold. The hair becomes resistant to humidity and is given conditioned shine. The blow-drying styling product can be used creatively in wet or dry hair, for restyling or add-on styles, from elegant everyday styles to unusual styles for special occasions like those created by experts – the possibilities are endless.

After washing, depending on the hair volume, evenly spray Pilviplax P 8 – 15 times into washed, towel-dried hair and blow-dry or put the hair in curlers. You can easily vary the hold of Pilviplax P by adjusting the amount you use. For extreme hold spray Pilviplax P on to roughly dried hair until it is completely wet again and then style.
For restyles or add-on styles, spray Pilviplax P into dry hair (vary the amount depending on the desired hold) and then style with hot rollers, curlers, straightening iron, blow-dryer and brush.

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