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Skin & Body

Like a fountain of youth.The new generation of face care, mature skin magically regains its youthful freshness: Menulphia Jeunesse contains a multi-active anti-aging formulation for regeneration of the youthful cell capi..
Intensive care cream for fresh, youthful radiance at any ageYou cannot turn back time, but the right care can turn back the visible signs of time. A perfect complexion is created by the vitality of every single skin cell..
Like a fountain of youth.The new generation of face care, mature skin magically regains its youthful freshness: Menulphia Jeunesse contains a multi-active anti-aging formulation for regeneration of the youthful cell capi..
The cell-active cleansing mousse gently frees the skin from dirt and sebum. Mousse Nettoyante maintains the skin’s natural balance. Suitable for all skin types.Mousse for beauty!As we get older, the skin becomes tight an..
Sparkling eyes!The express treatment for tired, red, swollen eyes and creases is completely tolerated by skin and eyes. Tuber plant extracts provide intensive moisturising. Just two weeks after the application, the eye a..
All clear.Pureté Clarifiante reduces irritation, noticeably combats inflammation, and helps to regain control over demanding, blemished skin. The innovative face care formulation is calming, and after just a few hours th..
The rejuvenating anti-aging serum with regeneration cell activator tightens, regenerates and protects dry, demanding and dehydrated skin, whilst effectively lifting wrinkles – an homage to timeless beauty.Luxury is fasci..
Moisture and care in one!Visible fine lines caused by dryness in the face, neck and décolleté, as well as a reduction in the skin’s elasticity, are signs of intensive moisture deficits. After just one application, Sérum ..
Sérum Revitalisant has a dual effect.Skin-related peptides in the anti-aging concentrate provide particularly gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing of the pores blocked with sebum and dirt. This results in better moistur..
For body and skin aftersun care, the promtion set includes:Emulsion Corporelle Apres Soleil 200ml  (Value at $270)Crème Visage Apres Soleil 50ml  (Value at $290)..
Transparent instant protection.Simply spray on and you’re done: Spray Invisible instantly, reliably and highly effectively protects sun-sensitive skin from UV rays. That is why it is particularly suitable for sports and ..
Bye-bye mimic lines!The pioneering anti-wrinkle lifting treatment highly effectively tightens and smoothens visible fines lines in the face, around the eyes, forehead and nasolabial fold. A plant active ingredient create..
Tonique Hydratant refreshes tired skin and protects it against moisture loss. Suitable for all skin types.Exhausted, dry and dehydrated. Your mood is reflected by the appearance of your skin. Time for a multimineral cock..
Visible fine lines and dark undereye shadows rapidly make us look exhausted. This is due in part to damaging external environmental factors such as stress in your everyday life and lack of sleep.The cell-active lifting e..
Traitement Hydratant regenerates, protects and supplies you with a healthy moisture boost. Suitable for all skin types.Highly innovative, effective and essential!The cell-active hydro facial care Traitement Hydratant sco..
Dry, chapped or wrinkled lips? That used to be the case.The cell-active anti-aging lip care Traitement Lèvres is a little lip miracle with an instant boosting effect. In a flash, dry and chapped lips are transformed into..
Actively combat the signs of skin aging with Dérmosthetique!The pioneering formulation Dérmosthetique® Anti-Age contains two types of cell extracts to actively influence the origin and causes of skin aging:Phyto cell ext..
At night, the skin cells’ cleansing, detoxification and repair processes are fully underway. But unfortunately these slow down over the course of time. The consequence: the first signs of premature skin aging.The cell-ac..
Would you like a clear start to the day? But you have oily, blemished facial skin. Visalix Purifiant gently clarifies your skin. Camomile extract and bisabolol nourishes and revitalises redness. New irritations don’t eve..
Pure moisture.Perfect for an energising start to the day or a pleasant skin sensation overnight: the mild formulation in Visalix Jeunesse tones and refreshes the skin after thorough cleansing and improves the skins softn..
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