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  • SKU: 002762
  • Content: 15ml
  • Range: SPA
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Gives the nails new strength and elasticity: Fanex intensively conditions the nails and internally protects them from external influences, splitting and tearing.

Bye-bye brittle and torn nails. This rich nail care oil contains an innovative combination of balloon vine, viper’s bugloss and sunflower oil to protect the nails and cuticles from tearing. At the same time, the scented oil surrounds the nail like a protective shield and thus actively wards off external influences. The radiant result: the nails have perfect shine and wonderful resistance. For healthy looking and perfectly groomed nails in a flash.

• The active ingredient complex of balloon vine, viper’s bugloss and sunflower oil prevents splitting of the nails and protects them from tearing
• Concentrated wheat germ oil strengthens the nails from within and keeps them soft and smooth
• Medical white oil acts like a protective shield and specifically wards off external influences
For the optimum care results, apply the nail oil daily to the nail bed and cuticles and gently massage in. If you want to give your fingernails an extra portion of care, it’s best to start with a lukewarm hand bath. This ideally prepares the skin and nails for the subsequent care. Then apply a thick layer of the nail oil, massage in and leave on overnight.

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