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The special oil regenerates dry scalps and rapidly soothes their unpleasant consequences such as tightness and irritations. Hair growth is actively encouraged. Due to frequent washing with the wrong products or simply..
The scalp lotion Ergines B soothes tightness and irritations of dry, sensitive scalps, gently stimulates and intensively protects against dehydration. Dry scalps lack protection. That is why they are sensitive and rea..
Lipokérine B structurising shampoo provides extremely mild and particularly gentle cleansing of dry scalps and brittle hair, as well as care, shine and softness. Feeling of tightness? Itchiness? If the scalp is dry an..
Natural aromatherapy complex stimulates dry scalps, releases metabolic blockages, boosts the circulation and thus creates optimum hair growth. An active metabolism is the right prerequisite for a functioning scalp. La..
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