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This ampoule treatment features a dual effect to successfully combat hereditary, hormonal, temporary and patchy hair loss. It regenerates and optimises scientifically proven hair thickness, hair growth and hair quality. ..
Cell-active scalp care elixir prevents hair loss, protects against aging processes and strengthens hair growth. Hair and scalp care with a medical component! La Biosthétique combats the signs of time – with a holisti..
The cell-active anti-grey powerful scalp lotion repigments the hair from the roots without adding colour pigments. It protects the hair from future pigment loss, revitalises the hair and restores its healthy strength. Th..
This ampoule treatment balances out trace element, mineral substance and vitamin deficiencies in the hair roots, supports hair growth and restores your hair’s natural bounce and resistance Hair also needs mineral subs..
The special oil regenerates dry scalps and rapidly soothes their unpleasant consequences such as tightness and irritations. Hair growth is actively encouraged. Due to frequent washing with the wrong products or simply..
The cell-active anti-aging hair treatment decelerates the aging of the hair follicle, actively combats hair loss and thinning hair and increases hair growth. Hair and scalp care with a medical component! La Biosthéti..
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