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Lotion Ergines A inhibits surplus sebum production, normalises and calms oily scalps and soothes irritations. Oily hair looks uncared, becomes rapidly straggly and difficult to style. Increased sebum production on the..
Deodorising scalp lotion calms moist scalps, stops the negative effects of perspiration and improves hair quality. Undesirable outbreaks of sweat? – The horror of our cultured life! – on the scalp? Yes, even on the sc..
This structurising shampoo particularly gently cleans and claims moist scalp, reduces scalp pores and sweating problems. Hair is no longer unkempt and easier to shape. Are you under stress? Do you suffer from physical..
This structurising shampoo particularly gently cleanses and calms oily scalps, normalises the scalp environment and restores the natural balance. In today’s cultivated society, oily hair is a total no-go, which is rat..
The aromatherapy complex Visarôme Dynamique N calms both oily and moist scalps and creates optimum conditions for healthy hair growth. An active metabolism is the right prerequisite for a functioning scalp. However, a..
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