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Revitalising hydro essenceThe light, gel-like hydro essence refreshes the skin as soon as you apply it, moisturises the complexion and ideally prepares the skin for the absorption of active ingredients in subsequent ca..
Skin-lightening anti-aging intensive concentrateThe gentle, gel-like, easily absorbed intensive concentrate coats the skin like a transparent veil and imparts instant relaxation. The highest concentration of natural, ski..
Eye contour serum Thanks to intensive moisturising, the particularly rich serum gives the eye area youthful radiance and makes it feel silky soft and relaxed. Under eye circles, lachrymal sacs and wrinkles are also vi..
Gentle peel with natural enzymesThe cooling, particularly mild exfoliating mask contains a complex of natural enzyme building blocks that gently cleanse the skin right down to the pores. The skin’s renewal process is act..
Skin-rejuvenating, lightening intensive care creamThe delicately scented, light 24-hour care lastingly moisturises the face. A micro fine white pigment instantly makes the skin look lighter. The complexion looks visibl..
Skin-lightening bio-cellulose maskThe soft mask soaked in an active ingredient emulsion has a fibre structure made of 100 percent naturally fermented coconut milk. Lightening Bio-Cellulose Mask acts like a second skin ..
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