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Gentle cleansing.This emulsion ensures that the skin’s biological balance is maintained, whilst providing particularly gentle and thorough cleansing. Pure oat surfactants gently cleanse the skin. But the cleanser rapidly..
First aid for skin.This water in oil emulsion offers intensive protection against damaging external influences such as wind, water, cold or dryness. Thanks to its rich consistency, it coats the face like a protective man..
For velvety soft hands.Crème Protectrice was designed as a special hand protection and care cream to do more than classic hand care to cater for the special needs of particularly stressed hands. Extremely dry, rough and ..
Relaxation for sensitive, dry skin.Slightly dry, sensitive skin is given relaxing face care and the skin’s lipid balance is restored. The light texture is rapidly absorbed and can be used as a day and/or night care. Douc..
Plenty of moisture for dry, sensitive skin.Douceur Sensitive Hydratante offers perfect skin protection for day and night. Dehydrated, sensitive skin is relaxed by this moisturising face care that restores the skin’s hydr..
Noticeable relaxation for sensitive, extremely dry skin.Extremely dry, sensitive skin relaxes thanks to this intensive face care that provides the skin with a long-lasting care sensation. Douceur Sensitive Riche is parti..
2 in 1 – moisture and skin calming in one maskThe perfect combination of plant oils and extracts intensely soothes while phytosterols restore radiance.Red algae extracts combined with plankton extract supply the skin wit..
Dewy fresh.For a delicate extra portion of moisture: The oat extracts in the hydrolotion have a particularly high antioxidant content to ensure that the skin is protected from damage. The polysaccharides contained in thi..
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